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What’s worse than watching the clock tick by ever so slowly on a Friday afternoon? Having 15 pre-schoolers stuck inside going crazy while it ticks by! This is what happened to me last Friday afternoon and I struggled to come up with ideas. We ended up playing hide and seek, sleeping dogs (or as the kids call it – dead dogs!) kangaroo skippyroo and freeze. We managed to survive the afternoon and actually have a pretty good time, but it got me thinking about things to do on rainy days…

·         Put the clear tunnel off the verandah and let the kids lie in it and watch the rain (our kids love this, but its best for light rain!
)\·         Grab gumboots and an umbrella and go for a rainwalk around the yard
·         Make cubbies using odds and ends·         Bring some of the large foam shapes and gym mats inside and create an obstacle course indoorsI did some browsing of some of my favourite blogs and found this great article on let the children play –’t wait to try this one…Would love to hear some different rainy day ideas – how do you “embrace” the wet weather, rather than letting it ruin the program?