Drawing with felt tip pens…oh how I love it!

About a week ago I was spending some time in our preschool room. We are fortunate enough to have our very own, dedicated art space – Umiliko (which means “To create”) We had out some fine black markers as well as a few coloured pencils. With these, one of our passionate educators had put a pineapple as a provocation. I looked at some of the observational drawings that the children had been doing and was delighted! The detail in these drawings was just amazing. I stayed in the art room with one of our young creators (4.8years) and watched as she finished her observational drawing of the pineapple. Once it was completed she selected a new piece of paper and began drawing.

The detail that went into this drawing was incredible. We have so many art mediums available for the children, but I must admit that these pens are my absolute favourite. In the last week I have watched children combine felt tip pens with coloured pencils, watercolour paints and also oil pastels. The amount of detail they allow (and I think encourage) children to use is just amazing.A quick flick through the beautiful book It’s Not A Bird Yet: The Drama of Drawing – by Ursula Kolbe shows some wonderfully detailed drawings using felt tip pens. Ursula also says “Each medium has its’ own voice” – what true words! Looking at the drawing by this creative little being I got those chills up my spine that you get when something just fills you with delight (or is that just me??)I would love to hear about your use of fine tip pens and other art mediums