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Self-Directed Play and Disability (GUEST POST)

Self-Directed play is a time for children to learn, explore and make sense of the environment and world around them. Children can create a safe environment in order to explore and test their potential and it is one of the most effective ways for them to gain confidence in their own choices and abilities. It’s safe to say, self-directed play is a very good thing, and we as educators should be encouraging it.

The Laura McLeod is an Educator with a passion for inclusion. She has worked within OSHC programs, predominantly as a support for children with disabilities, and has enjoyed educating staff and children about disability and inclusion. 
Laura enjoys her learning and has completed the following tertiary studies: 
  • Bachelor of Health Science (Health Promotion) 
  • Graduate Certificate of Health Promotion 
  • Graduate Certificate of Disability Studies (Autism Spectrum Disorder) 
  • Graduate Certificate of Special Education 
  • Certificate III of Children’s Services
Her most recent achievement is being awarded Young Citizen of the Year for her work in creating ‘Sensory Friendly, Inclusive Concerts’ for people living with disabilities in her community and she hopes to continue making the world a more inclusive place for all.

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