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TED Talks rock!

I have discovered TED Talks – and I just have to share. Well, actually I discovered the website a few months back, but just last week I downloaded the App for my iPad and I LOVE it!

Basically the TED site is a collection of inspiring talks recorded all over the world on a massive range of topics by passionate, knowledgeable people. You can search by keywordt, by speaker, by category…on the App you can even get a playlist designed for you! There are also TED Conversations – an opportunity to engage within an online learning community and discuss specific topics or questions.

So how exactly is this relevant to Early Childhood?
This weekend we did the first of our Educational Leadership workshops with the wonderful Alina Dan. The workshops were a great opportunity to share practical ideas for inspiring educators and I took the chance to share TED.

Professional development is not just about going to workshops or conferences (although ours are great!!) For some educators, these things can be a little intimidating. For these educators, watching a talk in the comfort of your own home or workplace is much more appealing.
If you have educators who prefer engaging with technology – definitely encourage them to check this out!

Here are a few talks and conversations to get you started: