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The arrival of Spring

Just a quick post for today (have been off sick for a few days now!)Finally the warmer weather has arrived and I love it! I love walking out into the yard and finding kids (and often teachers!) knee deep in the mud pit with hoses and pipes distributing water from our rain tank. I love seeing barefeet running through the yard. I love picnics under the shade of the trees. I love seeing the kids splashing and searching for frogs in our trickle stream. I love watching a “slip and slide” being created on the hill just outside our back gates – a giant piece of black plastic lathered in soap, a teacher with a hose and a pile of crashmats at the bottom. I love the grins on the kids’ faces when they land at the bottom. I love the laughter of the adults who revel in seeing children having so much fun with such basic materials!

Would love to hear about some of the “warm weather” experiences in other centres!

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