The importance of Inspirational People

Inspired EC Headquarters is buzzing with the news that our newest team member is approved to work with us…. we are delighted to welcome the amazing Niki Buchan to the crazy world of Inspired EC! Tash and I have been talking for weeks about what an exciting opportunity this is… we are so excited to be inspired by Niki and the abundance of knowledge and experiences that she has.
The excitement of this opportunity got me thinking about just how important it is to have inspirational people in your life and workplace in particular. I believe that Early Childhood is one of those professions where passion is absolutely critical – unfortunately it doesn’t appear to be a prerequisite for many training organisations or services.
This business is bringing us new and exciting opportunities each and every day, but by far the most exciting part for me is making connections with people who are passionate and inspiring, people who light up when they talk about early childhood, people who clearly have the ultimate respect for children and childhood!
What frustrates me is when people don’t realise when they have these inspirational people in their midst and don’t “take advantage” of the opportunity… If you work with someone who is clearly passionate and inspiration – let them know! Talk to them, listen to them, engage in professional reflection and debate (there’s a lot to be learnt from an argument!!)

Written by Nic Sheehan