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What I found on Pinterest…


I simply have to share this moment as it bought a giant smile to my face. The photograph on the left is by the wonderful Niki Buchan who recently joined the Inspired EC team. Although I didn’t know it was her photograph when I stumbled across it on Pinterest just a few moments ago… I was drawn in by its’ simplicity and the caption that read

Do we all wonder?   Children wonder and it is no surprise that they do … Walking along the beach with my husband I spotted an office chair standing on the sand and pointed my camera at it. What are you taking a picture of the chair for?” he asked. “Because it is an office chair on the beach and you don’t usually find them there!” Has he just lost the ability to wonder? Did I retain my sense of wonder because I work with young children?”

 I quickly repinned the image and clicked on the link to take me to the site (once again I am showing my addiction to Pinterest!) and was delighted to be directed to Niki’s blog! I had to laugh though… my last blog post was about being around inspirational people and I often think about how important it is to build connections with like minded people (especially when it comes to Early Childhood) How interesting that I found myself drawn to something posted on the extremely vast world wide web not only written by someone I know of, but by someone I now work with! 

If you havent seen this blog post you need to check it out – 

Every now and then I find myself becoming sceptical or just taking things for granted (this is possibly stress related!!) and I need to stop and remind myself to look through the eyes of a child – to take a moment to see the magic in things. Set yourself a challenge this week – find something each day to wonder about! Would love for people to post their wonderings on here… now for me to head off and wonder…

PS – Found this interesting image on Pinterest as well (yes I need to go to PAA – Pinterest Addicts Anonymous) and think it links in perfectly


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