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When a Risk Taking Disposition Backfires!!

Some people are risk takers and some are not, some will take a chance on the unknown and see it as an adventure while others would not cope and would want to know all the options and possibilities! I know what Tash and I are – we are the risk takers, always prepared to take a chance believing that every opportunity into the unknown offers adventure and excitement.

When recently offered the opportunity to book into a ‘mystery’ hotel we jumped at it and were pleasantly surprised at the outcome – a lovely hotel on the beach….. certainly a risk that had been worth taking! Last night, while searching for a hotel, Tash found one of those deals that seemed too good to be true – a family room in a motel with a pool, next to the beach – of course we jumped at it.

On arrival we were met by an interesting character wearing a sweatshirt, shorts and ‘tatty’ crocs who proceeded to offer us a small metal jug of milk for our tea filled to the brim which he left on the doorstep. This set the scene for what was to come…….missing window pane in the bathroom, ironing cupboard, spare pillows and blankets we will not be using, rusting chairs, food hatch, eye-crossing bathroom tiles, ‘interesting’ wavy sealing along the washbasin, shower curtain tucked up and a TV balanced on the curving desk. The laughter started and didn’t stop – opening the drawer we were faced with a basket containing tea and coffee AND NUROFEN as well as an old receipt, the cupboard had a pile of old telephone directories – who would keep 8 copies?

Time for dinner and we decided to take another risk on visiting the restaurant below the motel. We were delighted by the most delicious meals – needless to say no connection between the restaurant and the motel although the lovely waitress did give us a knowing look when she heard where we were staying! Back to the room and time to get into bed…if you could catch your bed that is! We could have a bed race across the room! Beds on castors – and one amazing bed that listed when Tash tried to climb into it – only had 3 legs. Now we had a use for those piles of phone books.

Was this a risk worth taking? Yes – we have not laughed so much in ages, this is what memories are made of! Would we do it again – most certainly, we are the risk takers always looking for an adventure! Were there any benefits – yes, we are right on the beach and facing the seafront so are expecting a surprise view in the morning!
10 November 2012 The view when we got up…….DEFINITELY WORTH TAKING A RISK!

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  • Nicole - Inspired EC


    Never before have I been so glad to be “left behind”! My non-risk taking, predictable, slightly OCD personality just may not have coped…not with the state of the place, but with the last minute decision… when was there time to get a floor plan?! hahaha… a little bummed to miss out on the laughs though!

    November 10, 2012 at 11:26 am